At Links Childcare we believe that quality is a subjective and dynamic concept that is difficult to define. We also believe that it is something which is constantly evolving and the journey towards quality must be viewed as a continuous process as opposed to a product. We are actively involved in improving the service which we provide and with that in mind we constantly review research on educational developments in the pre-school scene.

Fundamentally when you enroll your child with us you are allowing your child to take the first steps in becoming an independent person.  Our ‘curriculum’ is designed so as to enable the development of an independent person.  Research and advice from experts informs us that the optimum way to do this is through the adoption of a ‘child centred’ approach supported through  ‘active play based learning’.

It began at birth and for the months before we knew your child (s)he has grown and developed in ways you could not have imagined. Our role at Links Childcare is to walk alongside you, as this growth and development continues. It is vital we work together. We will inform you of every developmental signpost reached, of any concern that arises and of any achievement, no matter how small. We need you, in turn, to let us know of anything that may impact on your child’s journey, physical or psychological, so that we can provide the best support and care possible along the route.   We need you to share a little of family life (photos, stories, celebrations and customs) so that we can make the movement between home and crèche as seamless as possible.


Aistear: We are very proud to work within the parameters of the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, Aistear (the Irish word for a journey!)  It was a long-awaited development in Irish education and is based on quality research in four areas.

While our framework is the Aistear programme your child’s daily experience will be greatly influenced by the inspirational and innovative Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood learning.   This approach originated with Loris Malaguzzi and dates back to a 1960’s very successful project in Italy.  Its most basic principle is that children learn best through play and that all activities should be chosen by children as opposed to being adult led.   So please don’t be surprised if your child plays for most of the day.  There is a clearly planned curriculum hovering there in the background and your child’s voice is being heard and his/her learning being provoked and encouraged.


At Links Childcare, therefore, we see our crèche as:

  • a LIFE SPACE with broad guidelines on learning but with total flexibility in implementation
  • a LIFE SPACE where the focus is on working with the whole child and his/her family
  • a LIFE SPACE where play is king!
  • a LIFE SPACE where children are respected as competent, confident and capable
  • a LIFE SPACE where the building of quality relationships is at the core