We want to make the settling in stage as easy and as comfortable as possible for you and your child. Links Childcare provide a settling in period, free of charge. The settling in period commences a few days prior to your child’s actual start date in crèche. During the settling in period, we will spend valuable time with your child, getting to know his/her routine, likes and dislikes.

No, absolutely not. We will adapt to your babies routine. If your baby likes to sleep 3 times per day, we will facilitate this. We will consult with you before your baby starts with us and become familiar with your babies routine.

Bottle / Soother & Container / Nappies / Nappy Cream / Nappy Wipes / Change of Clothes / Water Beaker

Parents must make the milk bottles at home, the carer’s will heat your baby’s bottle before giving it to your baby.

All items should be clearly labelled.

Yes, we provide ‘buggy bays’ in all our crèches for the storage of your child’s buggy.

The child and adults are set out by the Child Care (Pre School Services) Regulations 2006. All of our crèches meet the ratio requirements.

Links Childcare employ additional staff at each crèche to support our staff to cover nappy changing, lunch breaks and busy times throughout the day.

If our staff have to take time off work due to illness, we have several relief staff on-call who are available to work. All of our relief staff are employed by Links Childcare.

Yes, the majority of our staff are paediatric first aid trained. We run frequent first aid training courses for our staff. Any staff who join the company are invited to attend first aid training courses. We also provide re-fresher training for staff when required.

Yes, parents must inform the crèche manager during the settling in period if your child has any dietary requirement or food preference. Our on-site chefs are always more than happy to cater for your child’s specific needs.

Parents are welcome to meet with our on-site chefs to discuss our menu and their child’s food preference or special dietary requirements. Our chefs will also provide you with recipes at your request, especially if your child/ren has a favourite dish at crèche!

Children who are sick should not be brought to crèche. Please note in particular the following procedures regarding specific conditions:

  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea – your child must be kept at home for a 48 hour period after the symptoms cease
  • High Temperature – your child should not attend the crèche until the temperature is normal
  • Infectious running nose – your child should not attend the crèche.
  • Any other illnesses that may be deemed to be contagious.

If you are in any doubt about your child’s condition please refer to your doctor. It is imperative that all families respect this policy in order to maintain a healthy environment at the crèche.

Parents should contact the crèche if a child is absent through illness.

A booking deposit of €500 is required along with a completed application form before a child’s place is secured. €50 of this deposit will cover an initial booking administration fee and is non-refundable. The deposit balance of €450 will be held onto separately until the child leaves where it will be refunded in the month following a child’s finishing date once the terms of our termination and billing agreement have been met and all balances on your account are paid in full. In the event of a booked place not being taken up and/or being cancelled by you the deposit will be forfeit and therefore non-refundable.

If your child becomes sick while attending the crèche, our crèche manager will call you immediately.

We will monitor your child closely during this time. Depending on your child’s form and level of temperature we might have to ask you to collect him/her from crèche.

It is the policy of Links Childcare to give a warm welcome to all our children upon arrival into the centre.

Entry to the centre is operated by a finger image system on a magnetic release door. Links Childcare staff members and parents are only permitted to use the finger image system.

Your child will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff each morning. If your child arrives before 8.30am he/she will usually have breakfast in our dining area/activity street. The children move into the childcare rooms from 8.30am.

The Creche Manager/Supervisor meets with the parent/guardian before the child enrolls in the crèche in order to clarify whether s/he will be collected by a parent/guardian or other relative.

This information is recorded on the registration form and any change must be notified to the crèche manager. Only the parent/guardian listed on the Child Record Form is authorised to collect a child from the crèche.

The opening hours vary depending on the crèche location. Click here to view crèche locations and opening hours.

We aim to provide a flexible service to all our parents, we offer early opening hours and late closing times in our centres.

The crèche remains open throughout the year with the exception of the following days: Christmas Eve, Good Friday and all Bank Holidays.

No, we do not set a specific age for your child to be toilet trained. Your child should only start toilet training when he/she is ready and showing a keen interest. Our staff are fully trained to support your child when he/she is ready to start toilet training. Let your child take their time during this important stage in their life.