Our Toddler Room

At this stage your toddler will gradually start to develop language skills, begin to understand and talk about the world around them and quickly progress their physical skills, as they become more confident walking, running and climbing!

Emphasis will be put on expanding vocabulary through songs, role play and storytelling as your toddler starts forming sentences in everyday life.  Indoor and outdoor activities are now becoming more interesting with a higher level of interaction, aiding the development of good communication skills.

Most importantly, our toddlers have fun!  By having fun and incorporating a play based curriculum our toddlers development excels day by day.  Activities such as; arts and crafts, baking, music, physical exercise and circle time is incorporated into the daily routine.

As your toddler becomes more and more independent, our experienced carers will adapt the routine and activities to suit his/her emerging interests.

Toilet training will be discussed with parents and implemented when the time is right for your child. We will work closely with you during this important stage in your child’s life.

Our carers will speak with each parent upon collection and discuss each stage of your child’s day; meals, sleep times, nappy changing, activities and we will also fill you in on any interesting stories we have to share about our day in crèche!

 For Further information on ‘Our Curriculum’ click here.

Items To be Supplied by parents

bottle Bottle
soothers Soothers
nappies Nappies
nappies-cream Nappy Cream
nappies-wipes Nappy Wipes
baygrow Change of Clothes