Links Childcare provides extra-curricular activities to our pre-school children and after school club at no extra cost.

We deliver weekly Spanish classes. We understand the benefits of exposing children to new languages from an early age. Children naturally acquire language skills for the first 8 years. The best time for a child to learn a new language is from a young age because of their brain plasticity. This time is referred to as the ‘sensitive period’, when the child can easily absorb the language. Exposure to new languages at this stage also equips the brain to learn additional languages later in life.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. We believe that if the child builds a strong foundation for the Spanish language from a young age, they will carry the fundamental understanding of the culture, language, pronunciation and vocabulary into their future.

Our Pre-School children and After School Club engage in a 30-4 5minute class taught by a native Spanish speaking staff member each week. While we focus on the educational point of view we have developed an enjoyable and fun Spanish programme. Our classes are conducted entirely in the target language.

We provide weekly speech and drama classes in each of our centres. These classes are taught by qualified drama tutors, from The Dublin Academy of Drama and Arts. We believe that drama is a wonderful way to develop a child’s personality. Studying drama is not all about acting, it’s also about acquiring social and life skills that stay with us throughout our lives.

Our after school children will have an opportunity to prepare for a speech and drama exam graded by the Irish Royal Academy held in your child’s centre in May each year. Each child will be awarded with an accredited certificate from the Irish Royal Academy. We are so proud of our after school children who complete the grades each year, it is a great sense of achievement.

We offer an exciting physical education program each week. Our programme includes a variety of exercise based classes designed by our Physical Education Coordinators, who also focus on the positive attributes associated with sport and nutrition in the children’s daily routines.

It really is an action packed class, the children participate in a range of different sports activities throughout the curriculum. We focus on specific techniques related to each sport and provide the children with the support and knowledge to master these techniques.

Our cookery programme is a fun, social and engaging activity for children. Cookery time at Links is messy and exciting! You will hear a lot of laughing, singing and chatting amongst the children as they prepare some of their favorite meals and baking delights!

Cooking has many developmental benefits for children of all ages. Firstly, it encourages an adventurous palette. It helps build basic developmental skills such as; mathematics, science, literacy, to name but a few.

We make our cookery class fun and inspire our children to think and problem solve. We usually divide the class into groups and play ‘Master Chef’, it is both enjoyable and competitive!

We incorporate the Links Curriculum into the cookery class and introduce food from around the world. This programme complements our Physical Education programme.