Our Mission Statement


Links Childcare aims to provide the highest standard of care throughout our comprehensive range of services, from nursery through our Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE) to afterschool. We strive to provide as flexible a service as possible, continuously consulting with you to provide an excellent early childhood care and education experience. Above all, we aim to provide a service which is a ‘home away from home’ for your daughter or son.

Our Ethos


Our early childhood care and education service is based on a strong value based ethos. We believe that the values of justice, inclusivity, equality, respect and dignity are central to the operation of Links Childcare. These values are applicable to all stakeholders, parents/guardians/other care givers, children and staff. They promote a strong caring ethos which benefits us all but particularly your daughter or son.

Our Practice


Links Childcare – Towards the Provision of a Quality Service.

At Links Childcare we believe that quality is a subjective and dynamic concept that is difficult to define. We also believe that it is something which is constantly evolving and the journey towards quality must be viewed as a continuous process as opposed to a product. We are actively involved in improving the service which we provide and to enable this we have established parent committees, in each of our crèches, which provides us with valuable feedback.

While supporting the concept of that evolving process Links Childcare believes that the following five areas are fundamental prerequisites for the provision of a quality service.

Environment, nutrition, stimulating curriculum, qualified caring staff and a flexible service.