Links Childcare is dedicated to providing the healthiest food possible for our children. Our professional chef’s provide delicious, fresh and healthy food daily. We understand the importance of developing a healthy eating practice at a young age and we encourage our children to develop a broad range of tastes to stimulate their taste buds.

Winter_Spring Menu 2019
*Menu is subject to change

Meal times are a fun social experience at Links Childcare. Most of our centres have an ‘Activity Street’ located next to the kitchen, where the children visit daily to eat and enjoy their meals. Our friendly chefs spend time with the children during mealtimes, getting to know their likes and dislikes so that the meals can be tailored to suit each child’s unique needs.

Meals are tailor made to suit each child’s dietary requirements. Our chefs work closely alongside our parents in our baby room to provide our young babies with puréed foods and to support them throughout the weening stage. When your child is ready to move onto the next stage of chopped form meals, our chefs will be delighted to provide this for your child.

icon_crabLinks Childcare provides a three-week menu which includes an accurate balance of nutrients for each child, we work closely with professional nutritionists to ensure nutritious foods are provided for your child. Our menu is updated 2-3 times per year to provide a variety for the children and to ensure ingredients used are in season.

All the food is prepared by hand every day. Fresh meat and vegetables are delivered twice weekly to ensure only the freshest ingredients are used in our meals. All our meats are provided by a local Irish supplier and are fully traceable. All meals prepared contain a minimum of 3 vegetables per dish. Fresh herbs, pulses and vegetables such as broccoli and potatoes are used. There are no added flavorings apart from a small amount of chicken, beef or vegetable stock base. We do not add salt, and the sauces consist of the juices from the meat and vegetables, tomatoes (for some dinners) and cornflour to thicken the sauce. We also use spices and fresh herbs to flavour the dishes.

Fridays at Links Childcare are the best days of the week for many reasons, if you visit our centre between 3-4pm on a Friday afternoon you will be greeted by a lot of ‘happy faces’ as they indulge on deliciously healthy pizza!! (cooked from scratch by our chefs using nutritious ingredients and tasty vegetables).

Parents are welcome to meet with our on-site chefs to discuss our menu and their child’s food preferences or special dietary requirements. Our chefs will also provide you with recipes at your request, especially if your child/ren has a favourite dish at crèche!