Our Wobbler Room

Once your child is up and about and has taken his/her first few steps, s/he will progress to our Wobbler room. Our childcare professionals will consult with you before we make any changes to your child’s day.  Parents and guardians will be involved in the transition, every step of the way.

The transition into the Wobbler room will be a busy and exciting stage for your child. As our Wobblers become more mobile and independent they will start to; learn how to walk and talk, develop their coordination, experiment with new textures and explore the world around them. We will provide developmentally appropriate materials and resources to enable your child to progress.

Our Wobbler rooms are designed to support each child’s developmental needs to stimulate their learning experience, with; nursery gyms, sensory corner, cosy area, home corner and various materials and equipment to encourage your child’s imagination.

Like the baby room, our routines are flexible to suit the individual needs of each child. We maintain record books throughout the day to document your child’s day, parents will be given a detailed handover each afternoon along with the record book.

For Further information on ‘Our Curriculum’ click here.

Items To be Supplied by parents

bottle Bottle
soothers Soothers
nappies Nappies
nappies-cream Nappy Cream
nappies-wipes Nappy Wipes
baygrow Change of Clothes