At Links Childcare we believe that quality is a subjective and dynamic concept that is difficult to define. We also believe that it is something which is constantly evolving and the journey towards quality must be viewed as a continuous process as opposed to a product. We are actively involved in improving the service which we provide and with that in mind we constantly review research on educational developments in the pre-school scene.


Fundamentally when you enroll your child with us you are allowing your child to take the first steps in becoming an independent person.  Our ‘curriculum’ is designed so as to enable the development of an independent person.  Research and advice from experts informs us that the optimum way to do this is through the adoption of a ‘child centred’ approach supported through  ‘active play based learning’.


In a recent publication An examination of concepts of  school readiness among parents and educators in Ireland, DCYA 2016 , Early Years educators emphasised the acquisition of ‘social and emotional skills such as children’s ability to separate from parents, children’s ability to empathise and their ability to be part of a group as being very important’ .  These are skills which we strive to develop through the use of play, whether it is’ language-based play, pretend play, physical play and small word play’. This is something which permeates the curriculum from start to finish in a Links crèche. We have provided further details of the excellent Aistear programme which is used in our pre-school ECCE years in the ‘care programmes’ section of our website where the importance of play is emphasised further.