The word community is defined as all people who live in a particular area or place and whom forge a community that they can share and amenities that they can use collectively together.

During the month of November, our theme across all our childcare crèches was all about the Community and the importance of forging one for your child. The Aistear principles of learning; Well Being, Identity & Belonging, Communicating and Exploring & Thinking all tie in with this, as we all work together in creating a childcare environment for your child with all these principles in mind.

Our theme aims to promote bonds with the community through inviting people who live and work in our local community to join us in the classroom. This benefits our children greatly as they begin to learn about and acknowledge the people around them that forge their own little community.

Our children really enjoyed creating their very own local communities, through arts and crafts and role playing. They loved learning all about what its unique about their community and what is around them. Some even went the extra mile and created their own villages and towns made out of recyclable items. This was fun and served a twofold purpose, as they also got to learn about the importance of recycling too.

Our Links Childcare Mascot Bear made an introduction to our preschool children’s classrooms during this time also. The aim is to link the children’s homes and community with our preschool environment, whilst promoting parent involvement at the same time.