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Links Drumcondra

Hi Deirdre,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much my little girl seems to love going to the creche. Today, at the end of her first week, she walked straight into Michelle, climbed on her lap and gave her a big hug and said bye bye Mommy.

Moving overseas is so stressful I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that my daughter is safe and happy and well cared for. I only wish we were staying on here so that we could continue at the creche. It really is a wonderful place and Michelle and the other girls working with the children have made the creche a home from home.

Thanks to you and your staff!

Links Childcare Drumcondra

Links Kinsealy

To all the staff at Links St Olaves

It is with regret that XXXX has to leave St Olaves as we are relocating to Spain. XXXX has been so happy with the staff and has made so many friends. It will make the move very difficult for him.
We would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thank you for providing such care and making XXXX so happy in going to creche.


Links Childcare Kinsealy

Links Clonee

Links Childcare has been a wonderful stepping stone for XXXX. XXXX joined at 2 years of age and is now going on to “Big School”. XXXX has come home every day for the past 3 years with only good things to say (sometimes in Spanish!) about what he has learnt during his day at creche.
A special thank you to all the staff who has looked after XXXX during his time at Links.


Links Childcare Clonee

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock


The transition to Naíonra has been made very easy by the Naíonra staff in Seabrook Manor. We felt it was important for XXXX to start to use the Irish language before commencing primary school and both Helena and Lisa have put XXXX on the right footing.
Their use of Irish was shown at both the Christmas Concert and Graduation and XXXX even uses it doing normal daily activities.
Our thanks again to Helena and Lisa for putting such care into their lesson plans.


Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Links, The Links, Portmarnock

Deirdre, Susan,

We would like to thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday. We were so proud to see XXXX graduate from creche. The amount of effort put into the production was evident in all the detail, Cap and Gowns, Slideshow, Certificates and Medals. XXXX insists on wearing her medal everywhere.  Congratulations to you and your staff for such a great event.


Links, The Links, Portmarnock

Links Kinsealy 

To all the girls at Links 3,

I know this is my second card saying how great you all are but I promise it’s my last one! Just want to say thank you so much for making each day a laugh, I’ve learned so much since I started and will take all the funny, happy memories with me.

Love Jessica

Links Childcare Kinsealy

Links Malahide

To everyone at the Links,

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful care of XXXX over the last few months. He will miss you all.


Links Childcare Malahide

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

To Deirdre,

I would like to inform you of our sincere gratitude to one member of staff Jie in the baby room at Links Seabrook. My daughter XXX definitely built up a lovely bond with her and if she was present the Mondays I left XXX off XXX always went to her open armed and smiling which was huge peace of mind for me. She was always very attentive and listened to any information I gave her on drop off or pick up. Jie was genuinely excited at XXX’s achievements like walking, sleeping well, eating well etc and progressing to the Wobbler room. XX doesn’t go open armed to many people so this shows the love and care Jie gave to her while she attended. She is an asset to your staff and company and I always belive in passing on compliments whenever there is a need as people are quick to complain but not so quick to compliment.

Many thanks,