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Links Blackrock

Dear All,

I’d just like to reiterate how happy we have been with all the staff in Links and the care XXXX has received over the last year. We hate taking him out but with the move to Stepaside we’ll need to find somewhere closer to our new house. Please pass on our gratitude to all the girls who’ve taken care of XXXX over the last year, he’s really enjoyed it.

Thanks again,
Yvonne and Colin

Links Childcare Blackrock

Links Clonee

Dear Clonee Staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff in Links for their care of XXXX. He was one of the first children to attend and will have attended for three and a half years when he finishes. In all those years I have not had one complaint about his care. He comes home very happy after each day and has learnt something new. The Management and owners should be very happy with the girls work and I would recommend the centre to anyone.

Thanks again,
Alison Finn

Links Childcare Clonee

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Dear Susan

After 6 years we will be sadly leaving Links Childcare.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful staff we have dealt with over the years. They truly are a credit to Links and a few that stick out for us are Preetha, Susan, Moira, Jolita, Leona, Emily (used to be in wobbler room), Inga (old toddler room) , Trisha & yourself.

It will be sad to leave but the kids are now grown.

Thanks again


Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Hi Susan & Jolita,
I hope you had a lovely Easter!

I’ve mentioned before that we’re very happy with XXXX’s and XXXX’s teachers in Links – but I just wanted to drop you a note to particularly acknowledge Jessie, and how great she has been with XXXX as he has gone through a bit of a ‘challenging phase’ lately. Jessie has been very consistent, firm but fair in her approach, and XXXX is clearly very fond of her. She has also been very sensitive and supportive towards us as parents.

I’d also like to mention that the events that have been organised over the last while have been great little touches for adding a bit of fun and excitement for the kids – such as the cake sales, pirate day, pyjama day, egg hunt etc. – so well done to all the staff on that!

Kind regards
Kristina (& Keith)

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Links Citywest

Hi Kerrie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great after school service you are providing – I don’t think I have actually said how well its working out & how happy we are with the service.

I had XXXX’s parent teacher meeting yesterday & it went really well, he is very settled in BIG school now & Links have helped greatly with this.

The School secretary said to me yesterday that XXXX is always happy & well cared for by you, Gillian & Sarah on the school run & any of the mammies that I would know in the school have said the same to me in the past – its very reassuring & greatly appreciated

Thanks again,

Links Childcare Citywest

Links Blackrock

Hi Deirdre,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express our gratitude for XXXX’s graduation and indeed the show that went with it.

XXXX had a fantastic day at his graduation. The night before the show, we could hear him practising the songs for over an hour in his bed – long after the light had gone out! It was an excellent idea to hold a graduation – the children’s excitement was contagious, and their pride in their performance was heart-melting. Jonie and Treasa invested a huge amount of time, effort, thought and energy into what was a super performance on the day. The girls should be highly commended for the innovation and creativity they brought to the show. They managed to inspire 20 three/four year olds which is some accomplishment. Jonie is an absolute asset to your team there.

At more than one birthday party recently, all the Moms have expressed concern as to what they would ever do if Jonie left – such is the respect and love the kids have for her. Treasa too has made a huge impression having only been there a few short months. Jonie and Treasa are amazing childminders and we are so fortunate to have them looking after XXXX. Above all, since our very first day they have been completely honest and upfront with us. It may be a hard message to give parents if a child wasn’t sharing/was upset – but they have always candidly and constructively told us if they thought anything amiss, and that is so appreciated. XXXX will be moving on to after-school with you shortly. While he is looking forward to “Big School” he has made it very clear that he will still be coming to créche in the mornings and straight back there in the evenings after school – Links really are his 2nd family.

XXXX is developing at a fierce rate. Janice was of course a huge loss to us, and we all miss her everyday. Catherine however has been incredible in taking XXXX under her wing. He has progressed so well in Wobblers in the past few weeks, it has taken us all almost by surprise. As above, Catherine (and Cici) is an instrumental part of XXXX’s day and he has advanced and developed with speed in the last few weeks. Again, their candour and honesty is appreciated and respected. Our heartfelt thanks to both Catherine and Cici for making Links somewhere XXXX looks forward to going everyday, and somewhere that is going to give him a start in life, that will stay with him through his lifetime.

All the girls are a credit to you. I have rarely come across someone as dedicated as Shona (she is fantastic with parents and children), as thoughtful as Gillian (thank you so much for the jellies on graduation day), as creative as Lisa (come back soon). The entire team are a fantastic asset to you – and again I am sorry for not mentioning them all – we equally appreciate Emily, Karen, Claire and every single one of the girl. They each add something so special to the kid’s day, and each of them in a unique way. We never cease to appreciate the dedication they have to our children, the affection and warmth with which they look after our children.

Once again, thank you for a very special and very memorable day for XXXXs graduation, and for continuing to be such an integral and beneficial part of both XXXX and XXXX’s day.

Kindest regards, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Jane

Links Childcare Blackrock

Links Portmarnock

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for looking after XXX for 2 years, she has loved every minute of her time at Links, we have loved being here and we did not want to leave but at least moving to Milan makes it more bearable 🙂

Kind regards

Links, The Links, Portmarnock

Links Drumcondra

Dear Deirdre,

After four wonderful years sending our children to Links-Cornmill, we regret that XXX and YYY will leave the crèche on the 5th of July 2013.

Back in August 2012 we moved house to Harold’s Cross and we have been commuting since then to the crèche. But with XXX starting school this year in our new area the commute is not longer feasible.

I just want to give an enormous thanks to all the girls at the crèche for the great and happy times that XXX and YYY have had in those years, and a special recognition to Simona; she is the reason that we have kept sending XXX to Links from the other side of the city. She is such a fantastic teacher and person and I’m sure that you know how lucky you are having her in your team.

All the very best in the future

Links Childcare Drumcondra

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Dear Susan,

I have been meant to contact you on a number of occasions regarding one of your team. Preeta was XXXX’s minder in her room before going upstairs and she was just wonderful to deal with. My daughter struggled to get potty trained at home & Preeta managed it in a day. She showed such warmth that XXXX still talks about her and misses her.

In your line of business I am sure that people complain a lot about little things and maybe not enough credit is give where it is due; I just want to say that Preeta played a very special role in my only child’s development and I am eternally grateful for her compassionate professionalim. She was strict but in a loving way that helped my daughter reach her milestones and to this day if shes’s naughty we say “I’ll tell Preeta you were naughty….” and she says “No!!!!”
She still doesn’t want to fall from grace in Preeta’s eyes!

Kindest regards,

Links Seabrook, Portmarnock

Links Drumcondra

Hello Susan,

Thank you for your time this morning. It is with sadness that I confirm that we wish to serve notice for XXX and YYY. As discussed earlier, our decision was not taken lightly and has nothing to do with the quality of care provided by Links Childcare. Unfortunately both XXX and YYY have outgrown the creche environment and want to try something new and different. We expect that we will use your services again from time to time as required.

Both myself and ZZZ would also like to thank you and all the staff at the Links for taking such great care of our children over the past number of years.

Yours sincerely,
Mark & Michelle

I just want to say a huge thanks to Simona and Karen in Links Drumcondra for making xx’s birthday so special today. They are both fantastic teachers and a credit to Links.

Links Childcare Drumcondra