If you’re like us in Links Childcare, then you love to Craft. What better way to show off your craft skills than in the lead up to Christmas!! Here are some of our Top Christmas Crafts ideas that will help you and your Children celebrate the holidays.


Recycled Christmas Tree

– 12 empty toilet paper rolls         Top Christmas Crafts
– Green and Brown Paint
– Paint Brushes x 3
– Glue
– Collect 12 empty toilet rolls.
– Paint 10 green and 2 Brown
– Leave to dry
– Glue together as displayed


Christmas Leave Wreaths

– Leaves in lots of different shapes and sizes
– Circle cut out of A3 Paper
– Glue and Paint BrushChildren making Christmas Wreath
– String
– Collect as many different leaves as possible. Vary in size, shape and colour.
– Cut out a large white (or green) circle from an A3 piece of paper
– Stick on all the leaves, twigs etc onto the circle ensuring there are no white bits visible.
– Leave dry for up to 3 hours
– Made a small hole at the top and feed string through
– Hang for all to see!


Snow Globes

Materials:Christmas Homemade Snowglobe
– Jar (with seal and lid)
– Strong Glue
– Small object to fit inside (ie Christmas Tree, Santa, Fairy etc)
– Water
– Glitter
– Ribbon
– Remove the lid and glue object into place on the inside
– Place 3-5 Tablespoons of glitter ( pending on the size of the jar, enough to cover the base of the jar)
– Add water, stir and leave sit for 24 hours (this allows the glitter to absorb the water)
– Place lid on top (always good to use glue for extra security!)
– Tie a ribbon around the top and leave to sit for 3 hours


Snowman Countdown Clock

Handmade Snowman Christmas Countdown
– Two large black circles
– Sharpie
– Five smaller black circles
– Paper carrot
– Black Top Hat
– Paper Plate
– Glue
– Paper Fastener
– Glue the eyes, mouth and hat on to the paper plate
– Write the number 1 – 25 around the plate
– Peirce a small hole through the centre of the paper plate and Mr.Snowmans nose.
– Insert the fastener through the nose and the centre of the plate
– Then begin the countdown to Christmas, so on the 1st of December start on 25.


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