BEEP BEEPING our way through National Road Safety Week at Links Childcare!

Our children all had a busy week learning about how to be safe on the roads. Teaching our children the importance of being safety aware on roads is vital at an early age and what better way to help them remember than through the power of fun and play?

All our preschool children across our Links Childcare Creches were introduced to Simon and his Friends, who helped the children learn about the importance of holding hands, stopping to look and listen and how to set a good example through a series of fun stories and interactive role plays.

They enjoyed singing songs and making traffic lights, zebra crossings and road signs at arts and crafts and there was such excitement when the children in Links Citywest got a visit from our friends in the local Garda station. We also had another special visitor in Links Childcare, Portmarnock, where one of our children’s grandmother, who is also the local Lollipop Lady popped in to say hello.

Our Links Childcare Educarers had a great time teaching our children all about road safety. It is important to constantly remind them at all times about it, so here are some helpful top tips for parents to keep your children safe when you are out and about:

  • Always wait for the green man to appear and cars to stop and find a safe place to cross the road. Grown ups: lead by example! If they see you crossing the road before the green man appears, the children will think this is right!
  • Develop good habits at an early age
  • Talk to your children and explain the rules of the road
  • Praise good behaviour
  • Carry toys safely
  • And remember – Always make it FUN

Many thanks to the Road Safety Authority for suppling high vis vests and Simon & Friends story books for us to share with our children.

For more details and helpful tips on Roads Safety please see