The beautiful colours that come with autumn during October are hard to beat. October in Links Childcare Abington was a fantastic month, filled with lots of events, great activities and so much fun and learning.

We kick started the month off by learning all about Road Safety and had a lovely visit from a local Lollipop Person. The children really enjoyed this.

Our pumpkin exposition was a brilliant event. Big thanks to all the children and parents that brought in their lovely pumpkins to showcase. It completely transformed our reception area into our very own proud pumpkin patch.

We took part in Trick or Treat for Temple Street. Thank you to our parents for the huge help to make this event so successful.

Our Halloween party was amazing children had so much fun. Every costume looked so creative and beautiful. Many thanks to all of our parents for being so involved and supportive in our events. It has benefited so much in your child/children’s development and well being.

Baby Room News

Events carried out this month included World Food Day, our  pumpkin exposition, Pablo Picasso inspired arts & crafts, Halloween and learning all about various Farm Animals.

We enjoyed lots of fun learning with our Educarers Monica and Irene as we tasted some autumn fruits and vegetables, with some babies making funny

faces with ones their aren’t too keen on.

Our babies love sensory play, and exploring different textures such as pasta, rice, sand, foam, yogurt and playdough. We love all kinds of messy fun! We also made lots of art for Halloween and our beautiful babies even helped to decorate the crèche with their hand and foot prints.

Our favourite song was “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and we love the sounds that animals make. It made us laugh.


Our Halloween party went down a treat, with lots of beautiful and creative costumes for us to see.

The children’s display of creative and artistry carved pumpkins was such a feast for the eyes, and thank you again too all our mummies and daddies for helping us to carve these wonderful creations.

We are looking forward to next month and looking forward to meeting new friends as new babies join us in our room.


Wobbler Room News

This month our curriculum was all about Halloween and your children’s natural flow of interest.

We loved dressing up and had fun at our Halloween party with dancing, face painting and dress up. The costumes were so impressive.

The first week started with the safety road day when we played getting in a bus and learned about traffic lights colours.

Some Pablo Picasso inspired artwork was undertaken by our children, where they created beautiful hearts, made by cardboard.

Getting Active

During the second week we did a lot of exercise with active week, where are children enjoyed there first PE class. We did a circuit to practice running, walking, jumping and even crawling! Then we moved the pillows around the class and we created a tunnel circuit.

All of these things are very important to improve our children’s movements and training their muscles. It was so much fun.

Many thanks to our Educarers Barbara and Andrea.






Toddler Room News

We decorated our room with all our creative work our crèche and our room looked gorgeous!! We made monster, spiders with our hands print, pumpkins and loads more using recycling material and our fabulous creativity.

Our Educarers Eva and Lucia talked to our children about all the different types of foods from around the world and we got to taste some vegetables and fruits. We also made some beautiful art paint using vegetables and fruits stamps. This activity gave us knowledge about different shapes, textures and sensory development. Plus we loved all the mess!

Art Appreciation

We celebrated Pablo´s Picasso day by doing face collages, where the children enjoyed placing all the pieces of their cut-out eyes, nose, mouth and ears in our paper faces.

Thanks to our wonderful parents, who worked so hard in helping us carve our scary and Happy Halloween pumpkins for our pumpkin exposition. Its great for your children to see their mums and dads participating in something for their creches too.

Preschool Room News

In October, we started learning a lot about road safety. We played a lot of games involving traffic lights and cars and enjoyed singing songs about the safe cross code. Furthermore, we were amazed with the Lollipop man visit to the creche. It was very interesting to learn all about very important daily job, and we showed our curiosity with so many questions. Also, the high viz vests were a great present to learn about being safe!

The World Food Day gave us the opportunity to make our own tapas. Our Educarers brought healthy ingredients to make them and we were delighted to sample them afterwards. The children were all some proud of their culinary creations. We learned that some people don’t have enough food around the world and so we should be grateful for what we have, and we learned about healthy food choices too.

We always give our best in our active sessions, but our active week was even better!! Our children love to develop their gross motor skills by doing different games and physical development circuits. We have improved a lot and we are also developing our collaboration with each other and our patience when taking turns.

Our favourite art activity this month was on Pablo Picasso Day when we got to create our own art with different shapes and faces. The little artists that we have inside of us found a way to develop our creativity.

We have been exploring hibernation and animals who get to eat lots of food and then sleep until Springtime.

Our children enjoyed learning different animals that hibernate and creating our own during art time! Our favourite was the skunk because he can scare things away with his smelliness! We also loved learning songs about trick or treating and showing off our amazing pumpkins in reception.

There was lots of role play going on in the preschool room, especially paying a visit to our local doctors because some of our children were “feeling poorly”!

Exploring with sand, the farm and the animals has been the trending topic too. We love to develop our imagination through playing with them.

Finally; Halloween has been the hot topic in our rooms all month! We have made so many creepy arts and crafts and storytelling. We really enjoyed with our fancy dresses, the face painting, the dancing and all the games, but we always have energy for more and we can´t wait to see what’s coming next month.

The fundraising was such a success thanks parents for your generosity all for a great cause. Your children are learning how to be kind and care for others.