Our Children in Links Childcare had some real spooky fun with all our Halloween activities across all our crèches. From extraordinary pumpkin exhibitions, to traditional seasonal games like Bob the Apple. The screams of delight and laughter throughout all our classrooms was such a joy to hear. We were busy creating our ghoulish Halloween arts and crafts too, which were all displayed in our rooms.

Dress up was the order of the month with every costume looking so creative and beautiful. The children adored getting dressed up in their costumes. Playing dress up and role play is of huge importance to your child and it has many positive attributes. It helps with the development of their brains through engagement and helping with their memory, as well as allowing them to use their imagination in such a creative way. We had lots of dinosaurs, princess, super heroes, zombies and witches to name but a few.

Parent involvement is such great way to link your children’s daily activities in their crèche to their home life. Our parents in Links Childcare Abington were invited to carve pumpkins together with their children at home and them bring them into crèche, and what an amazing sight! Parents really got involved and went all out.

We ended our Halloween celebrations in Links Childcare with a dress up party and a bake sale for Trick or Treat for Temple Street, raising over €1600 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Thank you to all our parents for their generous support and cake donations.