Here at Links Childcare, we know all about the daily struggle to get your children to brush their teeth and when they finally agree to it, it’s hard to get them to actually do it WELL and not just enjoy the toothpaste!!

We have written this blog to hopefully help the parents to create a fun and productive atmosphere around brushing teeth at home.

We also spent a bit of time this week in some of Links Creches teaching the Children about the importance of clean teeth. Check out some of the related crafts!


We have put together some ways that we think will make ‘teeth time’ more enjoyable for the kids.


You can let them pick their favourite song or pick from the list below! Only listen to two minutes of this as it will then act as a timer.

Ensure they keep the same brushing routine through the music and tell them they can’t stop until the music is over!

Silly Brushing Teeth

Brush Brush Brush Your Teeth 

This is the way we brush our teeth



A Tooth brushing star chat. A guaranteed way to get children engaged in any task, good or bad.

Use the chart we created below for your child to ensure they brush their teeth twice a day! (Full-size chart available at bottom of post!)



Let them pick their Toothbrush and Toothpaste

When you are doing your shop, let the child pick out two toothbrushes and toothpastes. That way you are including them in the whole process. Then nightly they can make a decision on which flavour and brush they would like to use. This creates a little game for them and gives them something to look forward to!



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